operation Outsourcing

complete channel management solution

Gamantha will act as part of your company in managing daily operations and dealing with partners and clients where we act on behalf of your company with you still making the decisions. We will manage all channel from development to marketing activity both online and offline.

sales channel development

Gamantha has established a very good relationship with all major e-commerce platform, providing you a faster deployment of your digital sales channel. We can also engage offline modern channels, traditional and also distributors to open more potential sales channel for your brand.


We provide up to 20CBM of free storage for our client to start with. Gamantha will handle all fulfillment service for you from order taking, processing, and shipment. All you need to do is just to get your products to us and we will handle the rest.

compliance and localization assistance

Gamantha can help liase with all regulating bodies to get your product meet all the necessary regulations, eliminating potential issues that can hurt your business operation.


We will ensure all shipment to clients or end-user went seamless and smooth through our network of 3PL service providers covering a nationwide operation.


we will provide you with full transparency of information regarding your brand operations, from Client meetings to revenue. We will always get your approval before acting on any action that will incur additional costs or reimbursement.

Roll-out stages

1. appointment

A formal appointment letter to state that we are your legal representative

2. Stock and merchandising

Consign the stock to us

3. Channel Development

We will act on your behalf and start developing the online and offline sales channel.

4. compliance

If necessary, we will help you in meeting all regulation compliance

5. Operation, admin, and fulfillment

setting up all necessity to act as your proxy operation from bank accounts, customer service, fulfilment operations etc.

6. Sales

Execution of approved marketing and sales strategy.

A much faster roll-out and market entry

Save considerable time and effort by appointing us as your proxy compared to setting it up yourself from the ground-up

strategic advisory

We know the market, culture, and behavior. Get market insight and best practice strategy on winning the competition.

COST effective and minimize risk

We are cost effective and an excellent solution to test market entry without risking too much investment.

trusted partner

Unlike dealing with distributors, we fight for your behalf. As we work in a retainer+profit sharing base.

No-Hostage policy

All asset and information on your operations is transferred back to you. We don’t hold anything hostage, all client, contact person, asset, contracts will be transferred back to you at the end of the contract