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System Integrator

We strive to bring you the best technology available and ensuring perfect integration to your business. Gamantha pride itself in delivering the technology best matched for you.

Experienced in providing five nines availability for our telco solutions, you can expect the same standards for any solution we bring to the table.

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Product development

With years of experience in delivering enterprise grade technology, Gamantha has also helped business in having a custom product built from scratch with the best enterprise grade standards and best practice applications.

from mobile apps to back-end functionalies we cover it all

Digital business enablement

We are here for you who have a great product!
Providing everything else except your product, we help you enter the market and operate in Indonesia fast.
We act as your local representative in Indonesia where all the administration (payroll, tax, indonesia bank account, hiring, contracts etc) can be represented by us, and you can focus on just building great products.
We also will help with opening sales channel, daily operation monitoring and advisory to help you grow faster and avoid issues.

Need any interconnection to any 3rd party service in indonesia? yeah we got that covered too!

Technology Partners

World class monitoring solution for all of your digital asset. Datadog works with the LOG layer, giving you the ability to zero-in on a root cause with record time.

Jetbrains provides the best software development tools and environment for software developers.

IMVISION.AI provides worlds only API Security that automatically discover, test, and protects your API from attacks.

AI Powered digital transformation that deliver results from development to security